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Treating Post Acne Marks

by Harroon Ishtiaq |

<p><span class="Apple-style-span"><span>Those red or brown stains left after your pimples have healed are in fact treatable stains, but you will also need a lot of patience. To ensure they are stains, close your eyes and feel them. If you can't, then they're stains (scars are either raised or depressed). But if you treat red stains as brown ones, you can make them worse. And if you treat brown ones as reds, it just won't help. Red stains are a form of inflammation caused by persistent healing. They are easily helped by up to two weeks of use of over the counter cortisone OINTMENT cream (NOT the gel, it contains pore-clogging ingredients), which have no effect on brown stains. Brown stains are helped by bleaching agents (hydroquinone, arbutin, kojic) and exfoliants (glycolic of course, but also salicylic and retinoids like a Vitamin A serum). </span></span></p>
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