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How To Start A Successful Online Store



In this class I will share with you all of the strategies that I have implemented in my online store that allowed me to get to 1.7 million dollars sales in 2022. I have been operating since 2014. I grew it to seven figures in 2020 and as of 2023, the sales were at 1.7 million. 


- Importance of having an online store

- Identifying the target market
. Who are your target customers?. Analyzing the market trends
. Understanding consumer behavior

- Choosing a platform
. Types of e-commerce platforms
. Features to consider when selecting a platform
. Examples of popular platforms and their suitability for estheticians

- Setting up an online store (my favorite apps)
. Registering a domain name
. Choosing a payment gateway
. Selecting the website template
. Adding products and descriptions

- Creating a marketing plan
. Defining the marketing plan
. Identifying marketing channels
. Developing a content marketing strategy
. Implementing email marketing

- Managing the online store
. Tracking inventory and sales
. Managing customer relations
. Updating the website regularly
. Maintaining security

. Conclusion
. Recap of the training
. Importance of a successful online store
. Next steps for trainees

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How To Start A Successful Online Store